Welcome to the website of singer, entertainer, musician – Art Supple. Here you can read a little about this fine singer. From his start in the music business in the 1960′s as singer with one of the leading Showbands of the day “The Victors”, to today where he still sings at many concerts and other events each week. Art during his time as a singer has had songs in the Irish Charts over a career spanning several decades and still can get a crowd going with his versions of many different types of songs.

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Your wedding is unique. You’ll want to make sure that every detail fits the theme you have chosen. The selection of a good band is an important part of your day. Art and his band are dedicated to helping you and your guests enjoy every moment of your wedding reception allowing you a stress free night to remember.


Many towns and villages in Ireland hold a summer festival, field day or just celebrate a special occasion where street entertainment is part and parcel of that event. Art and his band have always been a welcome edition to these events providing hours of entertainment to large crowds


Your Company throughout the year may want to hold a function where you want to impress your guests, clients and employee’s alike. You want a successful night where everyone has fond memories. Art and his band will help provide those fond memories


If you want a band to provide entertainment in your lounge bar or dance hall you need look no further. Art and his band have been providing this type of entertainment for many venues .Whether its just easy listening, dancing or background music Art and his band can accommodate your every need

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    Ireland’s Own Article printed in 2004

    How did the band begin? Did it evolve from a group or another band?
    The Victors Showband started out as a hand picked Band from day 1.Each member was asked to become part of the band The Victors. By the management at that time.

    Where was the band based? How did the band travel in the early days?
    The Band was based in Cork, They traveled in a Themes Van first then moved on to a Comora Van and over time The Ford Transit became the Van of choice.

    Managers? The Manager Was Terry Logue a member of the Clipper Carlton Showband.

    Original line up of the band
    Chris St Leger on Sax (Band Leader)
    Len McCarthy on bass guitar
    Johnny Sweeny on Sax
    Tony Erangy on drums
    Wolfgang Nord on Guitar
    Art supple on Trombone and Vocals

    Other members of the Victors Showband
    Pat McGeegan, Arthur O Neill, Rory Gallagher guitar, Jimmy Byrne guitar
    Des Hopkins, Jim Prendergast guitar, Joe Prendergast bass guitar, Alan Carr
    Neily Gildea Sax, Martin Gildea bass guitar , Des Smyth, Pat Neary, Mick Carass
    Naoise Power drums, Paddy Walsh, Pat Nolan, Micky Brennan trombone , Michael Clear
    Hugh Hardy, John Cunane, (Roadie), Bill Foster (Roadie), Gerry O Neill ( roadie),
    Kick Macken ( Roadie) Alfie Merrigan drums Carl Geraghty Tenor Sax

    What kind of music did the band play? Did any of the members write their own songs?
    The music played was the pop music of the time and the sound of the Victors Showband was based on the group Sounds Incorporated that was predominantly 3 sax players and rhythm and bass

    What records did the band release? Who were the featured vocalists? Record label? Chart success?

    All Vocals were by Art Supple

    1. Showband on Parade on the Decca Label Rex Number 9 in Irish Charts 1965
    2. Showbands around the corner
    3. Showbands in hippyland
    4. Don’t cry on my Shoulder
    5. La Yenka
    6. Johnny your too young
    7. All of a sudden my heart sings Vocals by Pat McGeegan
    8. Lonely Street
    9. Remember Me
    10. Little Shirt my mother made for me
    11. Safely in Love again on the Emerald label number 8 in Irish Charts 1966
    12. All Join In
    13. At the Club
    14. Boys of Killmichael on Honey label Number 14 in Irish Charts in 1969
    15. Three Flowers on Honey label Number 18 in Irish Charts in 1970
    16. My Grandfathers Clock Honey label
    17. A Soldiers Farewell on Honey label Number 15 in Irish Charts in 1970
    18. Im Going to get married

    What TV / radio shows did the band appear on?
    On the Showband Show the first TV show for bands on RTE
    Pick of the Pops
    Various Christmas shows
    Film: One for the Grave

    Maureen Potter show
    Joe Lenane “beside the seaside
    And many other radio shows at the time

    Did the band tour outside Ireland? Any memorable venues?
    The band toured Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, America, Canada, France, Spain, A memorable venue would be Lough Locarno Ballroom Toronto Canada The Victors were the first ever Irish Showband to play Canada and went down a storm we were asked to stay and do TV etc in Canada with lots of work on offer but we had gigs at home in Ireland so we came home.

    Any unusual publicity ideas?
    Playing on the roof of the Savoy Center Patrick’s Street in Cork City during Daytime rush hour, bringing the traffic to a standstill

    What were the best venues? Biggest crowds?
    Best Venues – Redbarn Youghal,Priemier Thurles also Biggest Crowds, City Center New York, Buffalo in Camden Town London, Lough Locarno Ballroom Toronto Canada

    Significant incidents, funny or otherwise?
    Raising Money for charity every Monday night with the Jimmy McGee all-stars

    How / when / why did the band end?
    In the late 70’s the Showband scene was drying up so the victors moved to the Cabaret Scene on the continent worked in Europe for a few years until 1974 when the Victors eventually broke up

    After the band, where did the members go?
    Some returned home to Ireland others moved on to further fields basically the four corners of the world is the answer to that question

    Anything else of interest?
    Just want to say that the Showband era was a great social evolution in Ireland and has not been equaled since, it was the forerunner for the music scene, as it exists in Ireland today
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    Art Supple shared a photo.
    Art Supple

    Thanks to Art Supple for the interview and such a wealth of information and stories of the Showband scene at Redbarn. Art is a true professional and a living legend. ... See MoreSee Less

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